What is a GuardDog Tax Analysis?

What is a GuardDog Tax Analysis?

You sign various legal forms including an IRS Power of Attorney for us to represent you.  We then get your IRS transcripts. You fill out a  financial form which  we  can view securely.

Our advanced computer software integrates this  data.  Our tax expert reviews the results and interprets it. We then can tell you, based on your financial data and the IRS data what your best options are. At his point we may say “An offer in compromise is your best option. You should offer $5,502 to settle your $122,433 debt.” or “Offer in compromise is un-approvable. But an installment agreement of $325 per month…”  At this point we have not given the IRS your financial data and have only requested transcripts from them.

We do this step as we don’t want to accept money for an expense service (e.g. Offer in Compromise) for which we have no realistic prediction of victory.

This is unfortunately common in the tax resolution field.  So we charge a small fee and do the tax analysis and give your our verbal recommendation.

Only if we have a reasonable chance of winning an Offer-In- Compromise or other tax resolution will we recommend it.