Customer Recommendations

Before Dave at Torchlight Tax, our earlier tax guy sent us very complex forms to fill out. I felt like he was asking us to do his job.

But Dave handled our tax concerns, simplifying the complexities and helped save us money. My husband and I own a small business (1099, W-2), Social Security, and make charitable donations. Filing taxes with Dave is simple and saves us money.

I highly recommend him.

Vikki L

Clearwater, FL

Highly recommended!!
Taxes can be daunting and sometimes scary when dealing with business and personal taxes. My husband was paid out of a corporation both as a w2 employee and with k-1. Then there was my w-2 … PLUS itemized deductions AND cheritable donatrions! My head was spinning. For the first time I was faced with having to do a schedule A.
Alone? No way!! Dave totally gave us the care and personal attention we needed to smoothly sail these rocky waters. And even better? We saved a ton and learned a lot in the process! Thanks, Torchlight!

Lauren S

Nashville, TN

If you’re looking for a professional and in depth assessment of your taxes I would definitely recommend Dave with Torchlight. I’m a Lyft/Uber driver on the side, and he was very helpful in understanding deductions and tax benefits. Considering Las Vegas requires business licenses for most everything Dave went out of his way to help me figure out what type of business license/structure would work best for my needs.  KUDOS Dave, you’re awesome.

J T.

Whitney Ranch, Henderson, NV

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Dave has been extremely helpful in tackling our complex corporate and personal taxes. He’s extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything in very simple terms so you understand the approach he will take with your unique circumstances before he even begins. It’s very refreshing to have a professional who cares enough to walk you through each step along the way so you have certainty and predictability on what to expect, and have an overall sense of everything being under control. Right from start I felt we were in the right hands! I definitely recommend Dave and his team to small or medium business owners for both business and personal tax services!

Carlie L.

Irvine, CA

Thank you David for saving me $5,200 in taxes!  I was not expecting this but David asked to look over my returns and found out that there were deductions not taken.  Thank you again as this was a huge savings!  – Dustin

Dustin A.

Clearwater, FL

Dave helped me with my taxes this year because it was more complicated than usual with property sale and depreciation calculation, etc. It was done fast and at a very reasonable rate. I will recommend Dave and Torchlight to me co-workers and friends.

Rejean Guy

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Dave was great, he helped me address a CP2000 letter (IRS wanted more $$$$ for a filing from 4 years ago because they were double counting part of the same income) and this eventually escalated to me receiving a letter stating my last recourse was taking my case to Tax Court. Dave took the time to sift through the idiots who didn’t seem to have the capacity or willingness to be able to understand simple word math problems, got a hold of someone at the IRS with some manners (?!) and was able to bring the whole issue to a resolution for me. Thanks so much!

James Makan

Dave was very helpful in rapidly giving me expert guidance in handling an unusual tax issue with the IRS. Thank you Dave!

Brad Pettit

Dave was more than helpful!  We have used many tax professionals in the past and he is by far the most thorough and complete.  He works hard to make sure you receive the most accurate and (if applicable) profitable return possible.  We cannot thank him enough for his help and highly recommend Dave at Torchlight Tax Services!

Stephanie S.

Las Vegas, NV

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I had met Dave at several networking groups in the past and posed my scenario to him.  He was willing to take a look to see how he could help.  Through all his connections and effort, he was able to get what he needed from the IRS and finally get a resolution for me.  He also did my taxes for 2016 and was very thorough and got them done quickly.  I am very grateful for all the great work from Torchlight and highly recommend their services.

Ann B.

Las Vegas, NV

Dave prepared my taxes for 2016, and I was very pleased with the service. It was fast and inexpensive. And my favorite part is that Dave was extremely knowledgeable and spent time explaining many details and improved my understanding of taxes so much! Definitely highly recommended!

Devin A.

Los Angeles, CA