Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GuardDog Tax?

GuardDog Tax is a firm composed of EAS, CPAs, tax lawyers and support personnel that specializes in IRS Representation. We use cutting-edge tax representation software and our expert acumen to get the best attainable resolution of IRS tax problems.

Can I represent myself before the IRS and save a fee?

Yes you can represent yourself. If the matter is minor or you know what you are doing, you should be OK. The problem is when you are dealing with significant figures or do not understand fully IRS Law and Regulations. You can make serious mistakes that cost much more than any fee.

Can’t I simply call the IRS help desk?

You can and they will help, but their job is not to get you out of tax debt. Nor are they highly trained in the remedies that can reduce tax debt and make payments affordable.

I received a tax levy or lien notice. What should I do?

Call GuardDog Tax for a free consultation, the sooner, the better. You can attempt to handle it yourself, and if you do visit our blog for data on this topic and the IRS Problems section of this website, where different types of IRS letter are defined.

My tax debt is killing me. What should I do?

Call GuardDog Tax for a free consultation. We will review your individual situation and discuss remedies.

How much does IRS Representation cost?

This varies widely from case to case. Contact  GuardDog tax for a free consultation. We will go over your situation. Often the taxpayer has no real idea what his  actual situation is. If the situation is complex and covers many years we usually recommend a GuardDog Tax Analysis.

What is a GuardDog Tax Analysis?

ou sign various legal forms including an IRS Power of Attorney for us to represent you.  We then get your IRS transcripts. You fill out a  financial form which  we  can view securely.

Our advanced computer software integrates this  data.  Our tax expert reviews the results and interprets it. We then can tell you, based on your financial data and the IRS data what your best options are. At his point we may say “An offer in compromise is your best option. You should offer $5,502 to settle your $122,433 debt.” or “Offer in compromise is un-approvable. But an installment agreement of $325 per month…”  At this point we have not given the IRS your financial data and have only requested transcripts from them.

We do this step as we don’t want to accept money for an expense service (e.g. Offer in Compromise) for which we have no realistic prediction of victory.

This is unfortunately common in the tax resolution field.  So we charge a small fee and do the tax analysis and give your our verbal recommendation.

Only if we have a reasonable chance of winning an Offer-In- Compromise or other tax resolution will we recommend it.

What if I have un-filed tax returns?

These will have to be handed before substantive IRS negotiations can proceed. You will not get an Offer in Compromise or Currently Not Collectible status approved with un-filed tax returns.

What if I have missing tax records?

We can get the IRS transcripts which give us the data the IRS has on you. (This is another advantage of GuardDog Tax Analysis which makes your wage and Income transcripts from the IRS available to us at the click of a button.)  In some cases, this will allow us to file the tax returns. In other cases your profit and loss may need to be re-constructed. One of the other advantages of the tax analysis is that we know exactly where you stand. It is not uncommon for taxpayers to not know what the actual tax debt is and what years they already filed and what years need to be filed.  At GuardDog we like to get a complete picture of our client’s tax situation, and not rely 100% on what he tells us.

Am I eligible for an Offer in Compromise?

We can only guess until we do the tax analysis.

Can you guarantee an Offer in Compromise approval?

No. There are too many variables. The OIC takes time, and financial circumstances can change.  IRS agents can make arbitrary decisions that are not covered by law.  Laws can change. Financial data provided can be incomplete. We do the tax analysis first so we have a realistic shot at victory.

We do not want to collect a fee and lose.  Moreover, if you cannot provide needed financial data or work with us to file your un-filed tax returns, we do not want you to pay us for a major IRS negotiation handling.  If you cannot fill out a financial questionnaire to complete a tax analysis, we do not want an OIC fee. Fly-by-night tax firms will collect for an OIC and THEN when you cannot complete a financial questionnaire or file your un-filed taxes, tell you these are needed first and that they will submit your OIC when these points are handled.  And wash their hands of helping you.  Legally, they can probably get away with this.

We do not operate this way. We collect a small fee for a tax analysis. If we need to file un-filed tax returns, we collect a fee for these.  Only when your tax returns are filed up to present time and you have given us your financial data in a questionnaire, can we project what resolution is best for you.

I have a large IRS debt that I cannot pay. What should I do?

If you really cannot pay the debt, you are likely eligible for Currently Not Collectible Status or an Offer-In-Compromise. If you are confident in your ability to deal with the IRS, you can call them up and possibly work out the agreement on the phone. However, for a large debt, you are unlikely to successfully handle this by yourself. This is where GuardDog Tax can help you.

How do I get a lien or levy lifted?

One solutions is to pay off your tax liabilities and these will be lifted. If this is not workable, then the underlying tax situation needs to be handled.  Every situation is different.  Contact Guarddog Tax for a free consultation, and we can advise you as to your options.

What is IRS Representation?

IRS Representation is when an Enrolled Agent or other authorized person (e.g. a lawyer) represents a taxpayer before the IRS.

When a person has a tax debt, has received IRS notices, letters, tax liens and levies, they are wise to have a professional represent them before the IRS.  Guard dog tax offers a full range of IRS Representation services. Our team of EAs, CPAs and tax lawyers is supported by the quality administrative and bookkeeping personnel that are needed to take a tax case to a successful resolution. Can we resolve your tax situation?  Contact us for a free consultation.

How much does IRS representation cost?

This depends on your tax situation. Some tax problems are simple. Some are complex.  Contact GuardDog Tax for a free consultation and we will assess your situation and in a free consultation give you an estimate of cost.

What should I do if I want to learn more about resolving my tax problems?

You are welcome to visit our blog and watch our tax tip videos. Also, you may learn a lot from a free consultation.

What can I expect if I call the IRS to handle my tax situation?

You can expect the IRS to try to figure out a way to collect the money owed.

What if I made mistakes on tax returns or gave false data to the IRS?

You need professional representation. Contact GuardDog tax for a free consultation. In many cases you can come clean with the IRS without severe consequences.

This is also why GuardDog tax has lawyers on their team. GuardDog Tax will not assist you in lying to the IRS or falsifying records. However, without lying, we will present your data in the most favorable light. If you want to openly confess all your sins, we recommend you go to your Minister for confession, not the IRS.

Are all IRS problems solvable?

Generally yes. But the solution is not always pleasant. For example, if you owe $100,000 dollars to the IRS which you cannot pay, and own a vintage Corvette that you can’t do without the IRS problem may be solvable but not in the context of keeping the Corvette.

Can I hide my assets from the IRS?

Maybe. But we recommend against it and will not have anything to do with it.

Can a corporation or trust protect my assets from the IRS?

They do serve this purpose at times.

I have a large IRS debt. A family member has offered to help me with it, but cannot pay the whole thing. What should I do?

Start with a GuardDog Tax Analysis. You may be eligible for an Offer-In-compromise. If the analysis recommends you submit an OIC, do so. Once approved, take the money from the family member and pay off your OIC balance. And be sure to file and pay your taxes for the next five years.

If you accept the gift first, it will drive up your OIC amount.

I have an IRS problem, but am tired of reading all this stuff. What should I do?

Call GuardDog Tax at 1-877-758-7797 for a free consultation.