Guard Dog Tax Vs Torch Light Tax

Guard Dog Tax Vs Torch Light Tax

What's the difference?

GuardDog Tax is the IRS Representation Arm of Torchlight Tax and Financial Solutions. Enrolled Agent and entrepreneur Dave Horwedel founded them both.

Torchlight Tax is a full-service Tax Firm doing Bookkeeping, Payroll, all types of Tax Preparation (Personal, Partnership, LLC, Corporate, Estate, and Trust) in addition to Tax Planning and IRS Representation.

Due to the large demand for IRS Representation services, a separate website and a logo was set up for GuardDog Tax. GuardDog Tax is specialized in IRS Representation. Torchlight Tax handles Tax Audits, IRS Debt, IRS Offers-In-Compromise, Currently Not Collectible Status, Installment Agreements, and any other aspects of IRS Representation.

If you need bookkeeping, payroll tax preparation, or income tax preparation, you would be apt to call Torchlight Tax.

If you need IRS Representation, you would be apt to call GuardDog Tax.

There is no sharp differentiation, people who need IRS Representation frequently need tax preparation, and vice versa. The same support staff, office spaces, and phone numbers exist for both firms. As the firms continue to expand, personnel and office spaces will tend separate. However, they are now and will remain essentially the same firm.