Receiving a letter from the IRS can be a traumatic experience even if there is nothing wrong. I have had a client arrive to my office trembling because she received an IRS letter asking to verify her address!!
Suppose you do receive an IRS notice. What do you do? The first thing to do is read the notice and make sure you understand it. This is not as simple as you might think because of the IRS use of special terms and abbreviations If you are confused as to what the notice says or what to do, contact GuardDog Tax at 1-877 758 7796.

Or, if you feel adventurous 1) look at the notice 2)see the letters and numbers defining it 3) Look at the dropdown menu for IRS Tax Notices at his site. 4) Click on the corresponding notice number and letters for that kind of notice 5) Read our explanation and see if that clarifies what the notice about. 6) Contact Guardog Tax at 1-877 758 7796
for help on that particular kind of notice.

Guarddog Tax data in regards ot that specific letter and number sequence of IRS notice.

Unless the proper steps are taken to handle IRS notices, your income, home, savings and good credit are all at risk. While the IRS can generally be relied upon to tell you that you owe tax, and collect it, adding on interest and penalties, they cannot be relied upon to tell you what options exist to avoid or minimize your tax liability or payments. For this reason, you either need to bone up on tax law, rules and regulations, or seek out a trusted tax professional.
Just as you would not go to criminal court trial and face the police and District Attorney without a trusted lawyer, a wise taxpayer, in dealing with tax matters he is not expert in, hires an Enrolled Agent (the highest federal tax credential) to represent him before the IRS or a tax lawyer to represent him in federal court.
For a free consultation with an Enrolled Agent, contact GuardDog Tax at 1-877 758 7796