Guarddog Tax is the IRS Representation Arm of Torchlight Tax and Financial Solutions. It is committed to getting you the best possible resolution of IRS Debt.

If you are in debt to the IRS and do not know what do, you need a Guard Dog by your side.
Our symbol is a Guard Dog because Guard Dogs are fearless in defending your home and possessions. Our team of EAs and CPAs will ensure you are treated fairly. We know tax laws and IRS regulations and will use this knowledge to protect you and what is yours.

The IRS is not all powerful. Nor are they out to destroy you. But to many taxpayers, it seems that way. All too often, with tax debt mounting and IRS notices landing like bombs in the mailbox, the taxpayer ignores these notices and tries to pretend they do not exist, maybe the drams of the big deal that will make all the debts go away in a flash.

Guarddogs ant not afraid. They warn if someone is breaking into your home. They protect your family and property. They are loyal to you and your family.  They know who their friends are.   Your toddler can grab at them without a bite, But a burglar is not going to enter that house while the Guarddog is on duty.

At Guarddog Tax, we will do all we can to legally protect you, your family and your possessions from the IRS.  If you have erred and gotten yourself into a tax bind, we will do all we can to get you out.  Tax laws are complex. They were passed by elected officials. They have many provisions in them to protect the taxpayer.  Penalties can, in certain circumstances, be cancelled. If you really cannot pay

Well, dreaming of good deals is fine. They are not going to occur without dreaming of them! But you do not need a big deal to get out of IRS debt.

The solution? Hire Guarddog tax to handle your tax situation. Be honest with us in reporting your assets and income. And let us negotiate with the IRS while you work on bringing in more income.

If you intend to hide your assets offshore and falsify your income so you pay no tax, then Guarddog tax is not for you. We do not want our clients in jail or hiding out from the IRS!


But if you want to use every legal protection for your family, home and finance, and want to settle your IRS debt without undue financial hardship, Guarddog tax is for you.

Work with us. Give us the data we need. And we will get you out of whatever tax bind you are in and move forward in your life without the IRS dogging your footsteps.

We know the IRS rules. We know if they step out of line. Armed with your data and a Power of Attorney, we can use advanced software to predict what the IRS will accept.