Why Guarddog Tax?

We have the keys to success

Fact: The keys to successful IRS debt resolution are a clear understanding of the IRS Codes, state-of-the-art software that anticipates IRS action, meticulous preparation, thorough documentation, and aggressive advocacy.

At GuardDog tax, our Enrolled agents, tax lawyers and CPAs know the law and are experienced in the real world of IRS Negotiation. We use state-of-the-art software that anticipates IRS action and makes thorough error-free documentation easy.

At GuardDog Tax, we are your aggressive and fearless advocate. We work for you. We know what the IRS will minimally accept, and that is what we offer, nothing more.


Reasonable fee based on projected result

Now we can recommend a course of action, project a result, and estimate the fee for our service. Up until this point, you have only paid a small fee for a tax analysis, and none of your financial data has gone to the IRS.

If you choose to move forward, our fee will then be based on the recommended course of action. Suppose you would like an Offer-In-Compromise (a more expensive service) to significantly reduce your IRS debt, but our tax analysis predicts disapproval based upon IRS rules and regulations. Perhaps Currently Not Collectible Status or an Installment Agreement, for which our fee is lower, looks approvable.

We will recommend the course of action that is in your best interest and for which we have a realistic expectation of victory.

We will move forward on the course of action using advanced software to fill out the required forms and documentation.

Guarddog tax prepares for victory

At GuardDog Tax, we prepare for victory. We only fight battles we expect to win.

First, we have you sign an IRS Power of Attorney. Then we get all your transcripts from the IRS. We are thorough, getting transcripts for extra years so we are not caught by surprise if there is another problem in another year you did not know about.

Then you give us–not the IRS– your financial data. We marry up your data and the IRS data, and use our advanced software to predict what the IRS will accept under various scenarios.

Now, we carefully review the scenarios, using all of our experienced acumen, and see which is best for you. This is the GuardDog Tax Analysis. We tell you the results. This concludes the Tax Analysis.

This analysis tells us what battles we can win, and what battles are pre-ordained to defeat.

Guarddog persistence and documentation are the keys to victory

There are no guarantees of victory with the IRS. Negotiations take time. Financial circumstances change. IRS employees make arbitrary rulings not based on law. Laws change. You might think that because the IRS Code says a certain scenario should be approved, it is automatic. Well, nothing is automatic in dealing with the IRS. Different employees say different things, and the same employee may say something different tomorrow or in 15 minutes.

At GuardDog, we aggressively go after the best attainable resolution for you. If the IRS has a question or problem with the proposed resolution, we handle that question or problem and persist. This is routine in IRS Representation. Example: IRS ” Your client owns a property not listed as an asset.” GuardDog “Here is the deed that shows he is not the owner.” IRS “Bank statements show your client is under-reporting income.” GuardDog “Here is the documentation that shows the “income” you are talking about was a loan and not income at all.”

The IRS is going to ask questions. They are going to find errors, real or imagined. The skilled GuardDog tax expert/negotiator is not thrown off, but handles each query or problem and gives it right back to the IRS and says “That is handled. Now, unless you have more questions, let’s wrap this up and approve this agreement.”


If you have an IRS problem, contact GuardDog Tax at 1-877-758-7797 for a free consultation. We will be glad to go over your situation with you and see if we are a good fit. We are ready to do battle with the IRS on your behalf and win you your best settlement.

The IRS is the largest and most effective collection agency in the history of Earth. Mafioso leg breakers are to the IRS as a child’s lemonade stand is to the Coca-Cola Corporation.

GuardDog Tax uses advanced software, skilled negotiators, and the IRS’s own rules to win your battle with the IRS. Call us now at 1-877-758-7797 for a Free Consultation.